Your personal Fitness Trainer in and around The Hague

Jess Hills
Personal Trainer
Bachelor of Human Kinetics (B.H.K.)
Certified Practitioner Nutrition for Health & Fitness
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Why you should choose Fitness Matters

  • Free intake/consultation sessions
  • Personable one-to-one fitness training
  • Individulized training programs
  • Exercise in a private studio in The Hague, your home or office
  • For men and women of all ages
  • No contract, no enrollment, no hidden costs
  • English is my native language so especially suitable for expats but I am studying Dutch and can understand Dutch

Fitness Matters is the springboard for all your fitness needs.

Schedule a free one-hour intake/consultation with me to discuss a training program that fits your fitness goals and interests.
Please contact me at or on 06 16 505 375.

Workout at home

Check out my workout videos on the Fitness Matters YouTube channel.