About Jess Hills

“Jess Hills is your springboard to all your fitness needs”   Your Personal Trainer in The Hague

Jess HillsMy name is Jess Hills, born and raised in Canada and now living in The Hague, the Netherlands. I’m a Bachelor in Human Kinetics (B.H.K.)
Human Kinetics is a discipline focused on the study and practice of human movement and exercise and it’s impact on health and physical education.

For me, fitness really is a lifestyle. I grew up in an environment where physical activity was always at the forefront of everyday life. From an early age, I read everything related to health and fitness that I could get my hands on. I was educated in human kinetics, the study of the movement of the human body, and followed numerous other training courses on fitness-related topics. More than anything else, fitness means doing, and I have been active in various sports ever since I can remember. I also educate others as both a personal trainer and  coach, as well as through my workshops. My education derives from a degree in The Study of Human Movement and years of experience.  I am grateful to learn more each and every day. I literally live and love fitness!

Fitness as a way of life, make it a lifestyle

I would like fitness to be a lifestyle for you as well. Of course, I don’t mean that you should spend all your time exercising and reading everything about health, diet and fitness.  What I would like for you, however, is to enjoy being in good physical shape and to ensure that this becomes second nature to you.  Through incorporating a regular fitness program into your lifestyle, I want you to feel that health and fitness is something you do not feel forced to do or is something that you have to do, but something you want to do!  This is a Step by step process…I am so happy when clients tell me they enjoy working out like never before.

My goal

As you may gather, I think fitness should be fun and exciting, so I want to ensure that there’s as much variety as possible in the exercises we perform.  While there is certainly no need to be self-conscious about your body or your physical health, it is my experience that for some people a private and trusting environment is the best catalyst for appreciating this. And, as you will see, your physical progress will boost this appreciation. My goal is for you to be in good physical shape and to enjoy a healthy diet, in a way that comes natural to you and that you feel comfortable with.

Variety is the spice of life! My other passion is mountainbiking. If you would like to share that passion, please contact me for 1-on-1 basic beginner technical training. Send me an email or call 06-16 505 375.