“Jess is a well known fitness expert in the Hague and specializes in personal training. Her company, Fitness Matters is located in Scheveningen and is frequented by many expats and locals who love her warm, personal approach to getting in shape.

Her holistic vision of fitness, encompasses mind and body which helps every type of client feel motivated, listened to and energized.

When I ask people who know Jess, what they feel about her as a trainer, the most common response is…” If Jess can’t get you in shape, then no one can! “

I took boxing lessons with my teenage daughter this Spring, with Jess and it was amazing. She tailors every workout personally and makes it so fun and engaging. It was great mother / daughter bonding time as well.

If you haven’t already had the pleasure of meeting Jess Hills, then I hope you will soon. You will be happy you did.”

Julie Jones, Essence Therepeutics

“I am not exactly the sporty type, never was…  After my pregnancy and slowly getting closer to 40, I however thought I should do something for my body and for my health. Jess is the perfect coach for me: encouraging, comforting, demanding yet understanding. She is pushing me just enough but does also pay respect to my own rhythm and strength (or lack of strength). She is professional, extremely knowledgeable, full of energy and ideas. Jess changes the routine for each session, making our hour together always challenging and never boring. I can feel that I am getting stronger and that I am doing myself a favor for the years to come. I never thought I could enjoy training and I have to admit that I actually do now very much. I owe it to Jess’ patience, kindness and enthusiasm!”


“Working out with Jess is a great experience: she’s friendly and takes time to know what your goals are and helps you set targets to reach. Workouts are fun and diverse and they pay off! Who knew it could be fun to tone up and lose weight??? Thanks Jess!”

Antonia Pereira De Sousa

“Jess with all her expertise has tailored my workout to suit my wishes and needs. By listening specifically to how I am and what I wanted and by being the great support I need, Jess has turned me into someone who really wants to exercise.”

Rita Sunden

“After three children and over twenty years of being out-of-shape and overweight, I had just started to get serious about getting healthy when a friend introduced me to her personal trainer:  Jess Hills.  My ever-ready excuse of the working mom, “I’m too busy”,  was quickly dispensed with as Jess showed up at my office with a bag full of equipment and relentless can-do attitude.  That was the beginning of a whole new life for me – no exaggeration!  With warmth, patience and a big smile, Jess guided me expertly on a gradual course towards strength, health and fitness.  She quickly identified contributing factors I had neglected and was not fully aware of (in my case under-controlled asthsma and a bad back) and made sure I got checked out and treated properly by my physician and a physiotherapist.  Then she guided me step-by-step to exercises I could do, noticing everything and slowly but surely notching it up and up.  Now I’ve lost 40 kilos, regained energy and vitality I thought I had lost forever, and gained strength I never knew I had.  Jess was the game-changer for me.”

Katherine Fortier

“Contacting Jess is one of the best decisions I have EVER made! She was exactly the personalised kind of motivation I needed to reach my goals, lose weight get healthy and enjoy it. It quckly became part of my life and it has made me more confident as a person, improved my work and social life. Thanks Jess!!”

Sylvia O’Brien

“Jess Hills recently put me through her excellent circuit training programme in the comfort of her home fitness studio.   Personalized fitness sessions without loads of gym-goers and a set of exercises are designed for YOUR body and YOUR level of fitness, is just the best way to start you on path to health, fitness and wellness. We all know that we should move more to combat the stresses and strains of the sedentary life most of us have; sitting in front of a computer, sitting in cars, traveling in public transport – Jess will help you to combat all that and set you up for life, work and play. And she is so charming, easy-going and knowledgable that you will even look forward to your sessions and that is saying a lot! I can thoroughly recommend her. Get fit and enjoy it!”

Kathy Voyles, aged 50 +

“With Jess, all the reasons for being out of shape disappear.  Her flexible scheduling allows for training even if you are busy and your plans are constantly changing.    Jess modifies her circuit-based training routine to fit your individual needs.  I have arthritis, but she quickly modifies the work-out if something hurts. I still get an intense work-out and feel great afterwards.”

Margaret Burke

I have always considered myself fit and aware of good nutrition. I was a member of a gym for many years but had recently begun suffering from lower back pain. Despite doing my own routine at my gym and focusing on exercises to improve my back strength the pain persisted. I became of client of Fitness Matters for the express reason of obtaining a personalized routine for back strengthening exercises. After my initial intake session Jessie recommended I see my doctor for a bone density scan as she was concerned about my continuing back pain. I was shocked, to say the least, when I discovered I had osteoporosis in the entire lumbar region of my spine. My doctor said that my prognosis  is good as the osteoporosis was discovered at an earlier age than most people who suffer from this disease. I now realize my back pain was not going away because the  exercises I was doing  on my own were actually causing harm to my spine. Jessie has now designed a program especially for me within the physical restrictions of the osteoporosis and I am becoming stronger every day while at the same time my back pain is decreasing! I really don’t know what my future would have held if I had never contacted Jessie and followed through with her recommendations for a bone density scan! I am and will be forever grateful to Jessie!

Katrina Watson