10 Useful Tips To Survive The Holidays


With the Christmas Season now upon us we suddenly see work spaces and staff rooms filled with goodies garlore! Ooo laa laa, Right? BUT if you don’t want to see the numbers go up on the scale and your clothes to hug you and/or you would also prefer to keep eating healthy and nutritionally, HOW DOES A PERSON RESIST TEMPTATIONS?


1) Be Prepared is the Key, So You Can Enjoy
Here are some strategies I have used this year and in the past that work!
For example, One week before a date you know you want to enjoy the food and drinks, for example, Sinterklass or Christmas or a staff Christmas Dinner, cut down on your calories a week before to drop a kilo before the day. Then at least you are not gaining from these indulgences and you have earned a treat after a week of eating nutrionally sound. Also, if you are already making very healthy food choices and cutting down calories you are less likely to want too many sugary treats and your stomach has now become used to less food so you won’t feel like eating such a huge quantity.

2 and 3) Go for Quality, never Quantity  – and –  Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Here’s the rule… if you know you’re going to eat the whole darn thing then don’t even start… so no chocolate or chips in the house if that’s your temptation. If on the other hand you can stop at a square or two of chocolate you will probably not be pushing your caloric intake way over into fat increasing mode. (and if it’s quality dark chocolate or lovely red wines there are benefits)

4) Don’t get into the Habit of choosing the Sweet Treats First
So you brought an apple for your morning snack, but the Staff table is full of TREATS!! Do yourself a favour and stick to your healthier snack OR at least eat your apple first and then see if you still want that cookie. Make yourself wait 5 mins to see if you can resist. I know some days it’s hard and it’s ok to allow yourself one… IF you can stop at only one! If you ate your apple first you will be less likely to treat the snacks as a meal!

5 and 6) Learn How To Say NO and Mean It  – and –  Have A Reason To Want To Eat Healthy
How many times have we seen people swarm to sugar like bees to honey. It’s about training your willpower- it is also a muscle and trust me its gets easier and easier if you work it. Think about it… You would say no to children, but as adults we forget to also say no to ourselves…. it’s about loving yourself too. Having said that, the best way to achieve success when dieting is to have a very good reason to do it. Maybe your reason is you want to make sure you will able to stay active and play with your children as they get older. It can be any reason that drives you and motivates you to care about what you eat so you will have a lesser likelihood of diseases related to obesity like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc. If you have been unsuccessful in the past with dieting then your reason simply isn’t intrinsically strong enough.

7 and 8) Support  – and –  Being Your Own Boss
If you just can’t say No then ask your friends and family to help support you through the Christmas Season. I have heard so many comments that can let down your guard – “You have just got to try it, I made it myself , It’s soooo good you just must have one, Don’t let it go to waste, Help me finish it, You might hurt her feelings, Come on!, it’s Christmas, (someone’s birthday, an anniversary, etc, etc.) If you ever wanted to be your own Boss then now is the time! Only YOU can and should decide what you put in your body. And when it comes to drinking, oh my goodness, the comments can escalate – ”You are no fun, How boring, Water/Tea? really?!” So you see, It’s not easy, but your Real Friends don’t care what you eat or drink… they just want YOU THERE! If you Still want to join the party and drinking is your enjoyment then try slowing down with a water between drinks or choose lesser caloric drinks or stop at 1 or 2 – tops! Remember – Drinking is also Food Calories!

9) Make Smart Treat Choices and Plan in your Luxury Treats

All this week 

  Planned for a dinner treat!

10) Move More-Lift more!
Bike, run, swim, sport, walk. Earn your treats! See my last blog to help you find out how to move more. Lift weights to increase muscle mass which in turn increases your Metabolism. * This is key to burning more calories.

If you find any of these suggestions too hard for you or you couldn’t possibly imagine yourself succeeding in any of them, feel free to contact Jess at Fitness Matters to learn how to change your Daily Food Habits into Healthy Choices, one step at a time!
Jess Hills
Personal Trainer in The Hague