Why personal 1-on-1 fitness training is my passion

Fitness Matters for all ages
Fitness Matters for all ages

Suzan tells me that she hasn’t exercised for ages.
Even though she would like to start again, she has been putting it off for a couple of years now.

“Why?”, I ask her.
“Well”, Suzan answers, she would feel lost in a gym among all those people who seem to know exactly what to do and who are so much fitter than she is.
She has noticed that her body has changed since she was in her twenties.
She can no longer eat the things she used to without gaining weight and is no longer as flexible and agile as she used to be. She feels a bit self conscious, she concludes.

I explain that this is all completely normal and that there are great exercises for regaining her fitness level. We can choose from a number of different programs, specific to her needs and train at her own pace, one-on-one and in private at my personal studio in The Hague.
I add that exercise is not only about losing weight or gaining muscle, but also, perhaps even more so, about adopting a certain lifestyle that encompasses a healthy diet and regular exercise, as well as a balance between work and leisure time. It’s a lifestyle that embraces the enjoyment of healthy living and makes you feel comfortable with yourself.

Personable and individulized training solution

We agree that she will train three times a week for 1 hour per session. As Suzan has a very busy schedule, we fit the training in accordingly and I travel to her to save her time.  She adapts wonderfully well to the training program and regains both her fitness and confidence. She clearly has fun and always tells me so.
I train both men and women of all ages and physical conditions, and Suzan’s story is certainly no exception.

So, as you can imagine, I really love my work!

Jessica Hills, Personal fitness trainer