As your personal trainer, I offer you ideas of  six different programs- I ususally combine various aspects of each one to produce a fully personalized training program.   With Fitness Matters, as you train at your own pace, I adapt the training program in response to your progress and your personal training goals.

To further accommodate your schedule, I can travel to you for your training sessions or I offer Skype workout for those who prefer to start from their own home or have a demanding travel schedule.

Program 1: Lifestyle coaching

Do you often experience stress or fatigue? Would you like to lose weight, exercise more and eat healthier? Learn about the simple changes you can incorporate in your diet and menu planning and how to balance work, exercise and leisure time with Jess, your personal trainer.  Embrace a lifestyle that gives energy instead of demanding it!

Program 2: Body sculpting

Does the idea of weight training put you off? It shouldn’t! Weight training is not at all about obtaining grossly overly pronounced muscles. Body sculpting is the art of body proportion, of toning muscles in order to enhance your natural appearance. It’s the art of acquiring a stature that reflects your inner age; not your age in years, but the age you feel. Body sculpting gives you the energy to express that age.


Program 3: Body ball

Are you intimidated by all those difficult exercise machines? Try a body ball program! The body or pilates ball is a soft elastic ball of about 75 cm in diameter that allows for a host of different exercises, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. It helps to build flexibility and lean muscles and brings increased reach, flexibility, sure-footedness and agility. What’s more, it’s a fun way of training!



Program 4: Core strength training

Do you experience lower back pain? Then maybe you have insufficient core stability. Your core is the region of your body that is bounded by the abdomen, pelvis, lower back and diaphragm. It is important for posture, balance and stabilizing the body during movement. Insufficient core stability may result in lower back pain, poor posture and fatigue. Improve your core stability with a core strength training program.


Program 5: Cardio training

Aerobic exercises, such as stair climbing, cycling, jogging, kickboxing or skipping rope, are a great way of reducing the risk of cardiovascular problems and osteoporosis. Cardio training strengthens your respiratory muscles and heart muscle, reduces your blood pressure and burns body fat.  I can develop a training program that you can do indoors or outdoors.



Jess Hills Fitness CoachSuspension training using your bodyweight to increase your strength, flexibility, balance and core stability all at the same time.   I personally love training with TRX and the TRX comes with me wherever I travel in the world.


Which training program would you prefer?

“Fitness Matters is the springboard for all your fitness needs.”
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