Contract and general policies

Policies with Jess, Personal Trainer  in The Hague 

No monthly or yearly contract

Most gyms require that you sign a long-term contract. When you train with Fitness Matters, you can choose how many training sessions you would like. You can use my services for any amount of time and stop when you feel the need to.


During the free intake/consultation session, we discuss which personal fitness program fits your needs and what the costs for this program amount to. The session is non-binding and afterwards you decide if you want to enroll in the program. Prices for the training programs depend on various things, including frequency and duration, number of participating clients and travel time. However I am one of the most reasonably priced and affordable Personal Trainers in The Hague.

Would you like to know more about our rates? Then contact me for a free intake/consultation session. I can confidently state that you will consider them quite reasonable when compared with personal training in regular gyms.


In some cases, (persons with health challenges) I require, that you wear a heart-rate monitor while training. This is for your own safety. As an added bonus, it also tracks the number of calories that you burn during exercise! You fill in a health questionnaire prior to the free intake/consultation session. Before enrolling in the training program, you are required to sign our policy and billing agreement, a waiver and release and an informed consent for participation. You receive these forms during the intake session.