My workout videos for you

Would you like a Personal Trainer in your home? I offer a well thought out Circuit Training Video Library (20 different videos) of one hour: two 30 minutes sessions split into Beginners and Intermediate. This means you can stop after the Beginners or even continue training at the Intermediate level to challenge yourself.

20 videos means you will receive 5 months of training with a new workout each week or you might want a new one 3 times a week! It’s up to you. Please click on the movie link to see the style of delivery which offers clear instructions and demonstrations while you are resting between exercises.

The Videos are planned and varied, offering you a Full Body Circuit Training Workout -One hour in total – Includes Warm up and Cool down for each level. One trainer for your 5 month program who will get you stronger every day with planned total body workouts that are fun, safe and effective. You will learn a lot of exercises to incorporate into your own training program too.

Beginners– 1st 30 mins including a 5 minute warm up and cool down. 30 second exercise intervals with 25 seconds rest between. This allows adequate time for instruction and pace for beginners.
Intermediate Level– 2nd 30 mins including a 5 minute warm up and cool down. Exercise Intervals are longer at 40 seconds while the rest between exercises is only 20 seconds. So, this is more intense and faster paced. REMEMBER that HIIT Principle!

Each Video Circuit has various exercises to stimulate the MIND and BODY. So, you never complete the same workout!
Advanced: COMPLETE THE WHOLE VIDEO-1 hour, that’s 4 SETS IN TOTAL!

Note: (Go to 30 mins to begin at Intermediate Level).

See my free Circuit Training Video # 1 below to get an idea:
Circuit Training videos are easy to purchase. Just contact me by email or what’s app and I will Tikkie you for your purchase and then you will receive a link to the number of videos you would like.